Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hunt for Navy Blue October

My ears have been ringin' with all the talk about the Yanks and the playoffs.  My good friend and former Ultimate Road Trip 3 cast mate Eddie Mata seems to think NOT facing Cliff Lee twice in a short series is a pretty good idea.  

Eddie went to Hollywood and got all soft on me like a helmet full of Dippin' Dots on a Saturday afternoon in August!

Fuhgetaboutit!  Yanks need to man up and finish these games out like champs!  Note to self: The Yanks are the defending champions!!!  So while some of our pitchers has left something to be desired (ala Burnett & Vasquez), we still have a great team that can repeat this bad boy! 

 So Yankee Universe, please don't accept second place as perfectly fine.  We still can win this...a little help from Baltimore and KC would be nice, I'm just sayin'.  So buckle up folks, we gonna have ourselves one heck of a ride this week!


My name is Indio and I approved this message! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Right on the money Indio, the Championship is ours and we are not letting go so easily.