Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All this Posada & Jeter Talk

Hey fans,

We've been hearing a whole bunch of craziness coming from sources and what have you about the relationship between Posada, Joe Girardi, and Brian Cashman.  Everyone is dropping their two cents, so I figured what's one more.

Ok, so Jorge is sucking at the plate thus far this season.  His transition into the DH slot hasn't been smooth.  Since he makes a lot of money, everyone expects hits, HRs, walks, and W's for that matter.  Last time I checked he is only one component of a roster which includes Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano, to name a few.  

The Yankees are a team and when one falters, the others will pick him up.  It's a thing I learned early on playing baseball.  Your teammate strikes out in front of you with men on base, you pat him on the back as he's heading back to the bench and you say, "I got you".  Or as the captain of the team, you speak to the media and defend your teammate and friend...pick your guy up. Thanks Jeter.  You're getting railed too.  If you weren't a Yankee and the Captain, would all this talk be happening about your production?  The fact remains, you are about to be the Yankees ONLY 3,000 hits player....EVER.  That doesn't happen overnight.  Yes Jeter makes a ton of money...he earned it by winning five rings, an All-Star and World Series MVP nod...you get the picture. Remember the whole who's the best SS in baseball talk.  A-Rod, Nomar, or Jeter.  Guess who's the only one at his position...17 seasons later.  Just sayin'.

Back when I was on the URT3, the Yankees start of the season was horrible to say the least. After the all-star break, it was a completely different story.  We will bounce back, Jorge included. 

The wrost thing that happened is that Jorge decided to sit one out when the game was on FOX.  Can you say Drama TV! That's another post in of itself...but I will not digress.

Stay Tuned!

P.S. Front Office, please take note of the reception Jorge has received.  If fans are happy (they buy tickets, concessions, apparel, etc) then I think you'd be better served not to rile up your faithful audience.

My name is Indio and I approved this message. Go Yanks!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still working out the kinks

What's up Yankee fans!!! After nine games and a lost series against our rivals, am I the only person scratching their head in baseball bewilderment?  I mean the Orioles are in first right now!  Even after just nine games, c'mon really? And as much as I want to laugh out loud, the Red Sox starting the way they did will be forgotten in a month.  They are our rivals so you must know them well...the Red Sox will start winning. 

So we now look at our boys.  Despite having super games to open up the season, Teixeira and Posada are trying to find a spot on the field where a defender is not.  The Captain is not looking so good right now either, but I'm not worried.  He will do his thing...and become the 1st Yankee EVER to hit 3,000 while in pinstripes.
Then there's the starting rotation.  Phil Hughes needs to find the can of mojo that must have rolled off his mantle where his all-star cap sits.  Burnett still has work to do and Ivan Nova has lots to prove. CC will work and get it done...business as usual.  The Freddy Garcia/Bartolo Colon experiment still needs a couple more tests...let's complete this in April, not in June.

Yes, yes it's only nine games in and it's not how you start, it's how you finish (shout out to Eddie Mata!), but a strong start beats a s#%&y one...and I'm a Yankees fan...we love WINNING...dah!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Opening Day & Yankees vs. Detroit series

Greetings Yankee fans!  Another year has started and the first series is now complete! How excited are you?!

Me and my former YES' Ultimate Roadtrip 3 cast mate Shelli enjoyed the Opening Day festivities. The excitement and energy was at a high level.  Weather could have been better but winning the opener was well worth the drizzle and wind.

It's looking good folks! Fast start by Teixeira, monster shots by Hip-Hip Jorge, Granderson flashing the glove, Russell Martin taking his duty behind the plate while showing some running ability and pop, and the bullpen trio of Joba, Soriano and MO were lights out!  Ok, A.J. fizzled a bit after a few innings and Phil Hughes wasn't sharp today...velocity still needs some 5 hour energy.  But all in all, we're looking darn good to start the season! Next up, the Twinkies!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Awake from your slumber!

Hey ladies and gents!  A stretch and a yawn...ahhh!!! One day away from Spring Training 2011! It's time to wake up, grab the glove and pound your fist in the pocket.  Game time is near!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble Talk

Hey, hey, hey!  Hope everyone had a fun and filling Thanksgiving.  I know it's been quite a while since I've given my two cents on the state of Yankees. After suffering from post playoff early departure syndrome, I found an outlet to forget about the playoffs in the form of work...lots of it.  That being said, blogging obviously took a back seat.

Anywho, so during Thanksgiving dinner my in-laws asked about my thoughts on the "Situation"...the Jeter "Situation". This is new territory now. Jeterians of the Yankee Universe have been torn between the two sides of the negotiation table. (Before going any further...does anyone feel another LeBron "The Decision" type-thing coming in the not too distant future?)

Ok, need to digress one more time. A colleague of mine and Mets "fan" (he's feeling that amazin' pain too much so I use the term fan lightly) made a "little loco" statement that the Mets should offer 72 million over three years for Jeter to play second base and more importantly "stick it to the Yankees!" I only mention this to show that many people are a little bonkers!

Does anyone imagine Jeter not in pinstripes?  Is there some animosity brewing between the Captain and the front office? Does he deserve 25 million a year over five/six years? Is Jeter tarnishing his otherwise pristine image with a bit of greed? Do the Yankees "owe" Jeter something? You get the picture...too many questions and Yankee fans are in between the media and the negotiation table. He said, he said running rampant and fans growing a bit tired of the bullcrap! This is New York afterall. We ain't got time for this.  Stop yappin' and start typin' that contract.  Like Nike says, Just Do it!

This is Indio and I approved this message.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ALCS - Short & Sweet

Now that we know the Rangers will be the Yankees ALCS challenger, a few things come to mind:

1. Yanks must beat Cliff Lee!

2. Yanks must keep Burnett out of the rotation.

3. Yanks must hit with runners in scoring position.

This is Indio and I approved this message.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hunt for Navy Blue October

My ears have been ringin' with all the talk about the Yanks and the playoffs.  My good friend and former Ultimate Road Trip 3 cast mate Eddie Mata seems to think NOT facing Cliff Lee twice in a short series is a pretty good idea.  

Eddie went to Hollywood and got all soft on me like a helmet full of Dippin' Dots on a Saturday afternoon in August!

Fuhgetaboutit!  Yanks need to man up and finish these games out like champs!  Note to self: The Yanks are the defending champions!!!  So while some of our pitchers has left something to be desired (ala Burnett & Vasquez), we still have a great team that can repeat this bad boy! 

 So Yankee Universe, please don't accept second place as perfectly fine.  We still can win this...a little help from Baltimore and KC would be nice, I'm just sayin'.  So buckle up folks, we gonna have ourselves one heck of a ride this week!


My name is Indio and I approved this message! Stay Tuned!