Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble Talk

Hey, hey, hey!  Hope everyone had a fun and filling Thanksgiving.  I know it's been quite a while since I've given my two cents on the state of Yankees. After suffering from post playoff early departure syndrome, I found an outlet to forget about the playoffs in the form of work...lots of it.  That being said, blogging obviously took a back seat.

Anywho, so during Thanksgiving dinner my in-laws asked about my thoughts on the "Situation"...the Jeter "Situation". This is new territory now. Jeterians of the Yankee Universe have been torn between the two sides of the negotiation table. (Before going any further...does anyone feel another LeBron "The Decision" type-thing coming in the not too distant future?)

Ok, need to digress one more time. A colleague of mine and Mets "fan" (he's feeling that amazin' pain too much so I use the term fan lightly) made a "little loco" statement that the Mets should offer 72 million over three years for Jeter to play second base and more importantly "stick it to the Yankees!" I only mention this to show that many people are a little bonkers!

Does anyone imagine Jeter not in pinstripes?  Is there some animosity brewing between the Captain and the front office? Does he deserve 25 million a year over five/six years? Is Jeter tarnishing his otherwise pristine image with a bit of greed? Do the Yankees "owe" Jeter something? You get the picture...too many questions and Yankee fans are in between the media and the negotiation table. He said, he said running rampant and fans growing a bit tired of the bullcrap! This is New York afterall. We ain't got time for this.  Stop yappin' and start typin' that contract.  Like Nike says, Just Do it!

This is Indio and I approved this message.

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